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Polyester Cotton Fabric Textile Dyeing Machinery Equipment Wastewater Heat Recovery

Polyester Cotton Fabric Textile Dyeing Machinery Equipment Wastewater Heat Recovery

Polyester Cotton Fabric Textile Dyeing Machinery Equipment Wastewater Heat Recovery
Polyester Cotton Fabric Textile Dyeing Machinery Equipment Wastewater Heat Recovery Polyester Cotton Fabric Textile Dyeing Machinery Equipment Wastewater Heat Recovery Polyester Cotton Fabric Textile Dyeing Machinery Equipment Wastewater Heat Recovery Polyester Cotton Fabric Textile Dyeing Machinery Equipment Wastewater Heat Recovery Polyester Cotton Fabric Textile Dyeing Machinery Equipment Wastewater Heat Recovery

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: JIANGSU,CHINA
Brand Name: Fabern
Model Number: Yf-a (B)
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: USD35000-USD40000/SET
Packaging Details: Plastic film
Delivery Time: 30DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 30SETS/MONTHS
Detailed Product Description
Processing: 10t-300t/H Voltage: 220V/Customized
H.S.Code: 8419500090 Main Characters: Energy Saving,High Efficiency
High Light:

cotton fabric dyeing machine


fabric dyeing equipment


dyeing machine in textile industry

Yf-a (B) Series Wastewater Heat Recovery System

Polyester Cotton Fabric Textile Dyeing Machinery Equipment Wastewater Heat Recovery 0

As global energy prices continue to raise,and the main energy steam price of textile printing and dyeing is also continuing to improve,which causes printing and dyeing industry's profit space to become less and less.How to save energy and reduce consumption including the second application of energy is going to putting on the schedule of each enterprise.
In order to adapt arket demanding,our company,integrated foreign advanced energy-saving technology,develops the textile printing and dyeing wastewater heat energy recovery installation,i.e.the YF-A plate-type recovery system for wastewater heat energy,as well as develops the YF-B pipe-type waste water heat recovery sysem to solve the puzzled problems of printing and dyeing wastewater with high concentration and multiple wool,easy to cause blockage in heat exchanger.
In the dyeing ans finishing process,the temperature f wastwater is above 80ºC.If it is directly discharged,it will cause two kinds of undersirable consequences.Firstly if dischargeing into a purification tank for liquid waste,it will raise the temperature of waste water in the tank quicklu to about 46ºC above,which will seriously effect on aerobic biochemical treatment,and will require to cool down as supplementary measure.Secondly,it will waste heat energy and raise production cost,that is the main reason of high production cost.Therefore,the YF-A(B) series' wastewater heat energy recovery system is a kind of updated technological product which can reproduce warm water from collecting high temperature heat water from wastewater,and can reduce the production cost as its side product as well.

The man mechanism,based on the first law and the second law of thermodynamics,is to make the filtered high temperature waste water to carry on energy conversion with an equal quantity of clear water via a onverter,which can raise the clear water temperature and can save steam,as well as can reduce the cost of follow-up waste water treatment.

This is system consists of double barrel filter,vertical SUS centrifugal pump,efficient heat exchange host,intelligent electrical control system,liqud level controller,automatic back fulsh cleaing system,underground heat insulation water tank and other pipeline,pneumatic alces and oter accessory parts.

The device is a whole system's filtering device,which is mainly responsible for the cleaning of filtering impurities.This device is with the function of auto detection.When a cartridge is blocked,it sends out alarm signal to inform the user,and automatically switches to another cylinder.In order to guarantee the normal operation of the device,please timely clear cloffed filter cylinder.

It selects high-quality corrosion-resistant SUS materials to be processed with special technology with reasonable interior structure design and with heat transfer efficieny in about 90% above and heat transfer coefficient in 5000w/m above as well.The service life is superior to similar products.

The electric appliance adoopts the PLC control with all kinds of parameters to be set in advance according to the actual needs of users,as well as using all Chinese man-machine interface,The system has the self-protection and alarm function to ensure operation of all components of the system in stable,so as to achieve maximum extension of the system sercice cycle.

The liquid level controller,according to the waste water tank's water level,autoatically regulates pumping quantity.
When liquid level is in the lowest level,the system can automatically stop.
With the prolonged time of using,the heat engine efficiency might be lessened,The main reason is that caused by the adhesion in the surface of the heat exchanger plate,Therefore,our plant installs the auto cleaning system in the system,auto aerating device and auto draining device to clean the dirts in the heat exchanger plate.When the machine has been stopped,it can auto execute the auto back flush cleaning system based on the operating time cycle so that to reach the hifh efficiency of the system.

(1)A sewage tank is equipped with coarse filter system.Every factory should decide the size of sewage insulating pool according to discharge capacity of their factory.
(2)A clear hot water heat storage tank is equipped with pump constant pressure system.The exact is decided according to theri own condition.(Note:The machne with long production line does not need this tank,but it can directly access the machine operating).
The system's heat preservation and anti-cooling for pipeline is well prepared by using the rock wool or aluminum silicate wool.


The equal quantity of cold clear water,after crossing the high efficiency heat exchange host,shall raise its temperature to 90% above of the temperature of the original discharged hot wasterwater so as to,save a great amount of fuel cunsumption.

Because after the exchange of cold water and hot water,the temperature of the cold water rises to the desired process temperature.It can meet the requirements of process just adding a small amount of steam to shorten the water heating time and running time of circulatin pump so as to save steam and power consumption and to improve production efficiency.

This system has the perfect filtering function to remove most of the impurities in the wastewater so as to make the discharged wastewater not blocking the passage.Meantime,after exchangeing of hot wastewater with cold clear water,the temperature of the wastewater is reduced t room temerature.When it is discharged into the sewage treatment pool,it does not need to carry on the cooling process to reduce the using amount of chemical reagents to sace the cost of wastewater treatment.As an active result,it also obviously reduces production of sludge,and due to burning of fewer coal to reduce the pollution of the atmosphere.


Recovery efficiency:90% up
Kickback medium:steam,clear water
Maximum working pressure:0.6Mpa
Processing capacity:10T/H-300T/H
Motor power:2.2Kw-37Kw
Wastewater:temperature of water inlet in 90ºC,temperature of water effluent in 25ºC.
Water:the temperature of water inlet is 16ºC,the temperature of water effluent is 80ºC

Daily discharge of waste water is 200 tons/day;
The temperature of wastewater inlet is 90ºC,the temperature of wastewater effluent is 25ºC,the temperature of water inlet is 16ºC,and the temperature of water effluent is 80ºC;
Heat exchange ascending temperature can reach 64ºC(80ºC-16ºC=64ºC);
Steam heat for 1 ton is 600000Kcal;
Steam price:220Yuan/Ton
Suppose daily processing of 200tons,it will save calories per day equal to 200tons/day*64ºC*1000Kcal/ton(specific heat of water)=12800000Kcal/day.Equal to 12800000Kcal/day÷600000Kcal=21.3tons of steam/day
Steam days' savings:21.3 tons/day*220RMB Yuan/ton=4686RMB Yuan/day
Steam years' savings:4686RMB Yuan/day*300days/year=1,405,800RMB Yuan
System power consumption cost yearly:2.2Kw*20h*300days*0.7RMB=9240RMB/degree
Annua saving amount of system:=(stasm yearly saving-system power consumption cost)*warm water use rate70%=(1405800-9240)*70%=977,600RMB Yuan
(Note:the sewafe inle temperature decliing,then water outlet temperature also decreasing accordingly)


Driving operation and the points for attention

1,When using on the new technology pipeline,please remove the impurities in the pipeline at first to avoid the blocking of the heat exchanger.
2,Fix filter or strainer in the entrance end of heat exchanger to avoid blocking heat exchanger.
3,The temperature of cooling water(being heated)is above 40ºC,and as far as possible to carry on water-softening treatment to aviod fouling in the surface of heat exchangers to influence heat transfer effect.
4,Check if pipe connection is correct or not,so as to avoid the mixture of two kinds of fluid mediums to cause adverse consequences.
5,Before driving the macine,strictly check valve's opening see if it is correct or not to avoid causing disoperation.
6,To finish the abovementioned proceddes before starting up(by manual operation)
7,Check see if there was any abnormal phenomenon or leakage in all sealing srfaces and all welding parts.
8,Slowly rising the temperature,simultaneous detecting and calculating see if the working condition satisfied the requierments of the process.After everything is satisfied,the machine can enter the normal operation.(via automatic operation).

Normal operation and inspection
1,Frequently check all sealing surfaces and welding parts of the heat exchanger,and observe see if there was any abnormal phenomenon such as leaking failure.If any leaking being found,operator should promptly mark on the place of leak,then to be treated after shutting down the machine.
2,Regularly check the pressure gauge,thermometer,observe whether there was any abnormal phenomena existed.
3,When parking off the machine,please close the inlet valve for heat and cold medium,then close the two medium's outlet valve.When starting up,vice versa,first open outlet valve,then open inlet valve.

Shut down operations and the points for attention
1,Before shutdown the machine,operator must stop the pump and ut off power supply.
2,After stopping the pump,first turn off the heat medium inlet valve and then close the cold medium inlet valve,Finally colse two medium outlet alves.
3,If the vent valve is fixed on the pipeline,it should be open.
4,As for high temperature medium and corrosive medium,it should make the equipment evacuation to avoid scalding person or corroding equipment when the macine is open.

Diagnosis and treatment of common fault

1,Operating conditions deviate from the process requirements
The new production of heat exchanger if not up to the requirements,operator should carefully check the original designed parameters,design and calculation and assembly see if they were correct or not.Then decide see if the heat transfer area should be increased or reduced,as well as should change process combination.If the heat exchanger is running normally at first,but after a period of runnning away from the process requirement,such as increasing or decreasing of pressure drop;rising or falling of medium outlet temperature the following method is to deal with this fault:
A,Check whether the hot and cold medium entrance's parameters are consistent with design values or not.If it was not consistent,operator should try to adjust to the original design value.If the entrance parameters have been changed and cannot adjust to the original design value,operator should redesign and calculate to decide to increase or decrease heat transfer area or to change process combination.
B,If cold,hot medium entrance parameters are consistent with design values,but the exit parameters cannot reach the design value and then operator should stop the machine and dismantle the examination boards to check see if there was any blocking or plate fouling,and immediately dispose it.

2,The phenomenon of heat exchanger leakage happening
As the heat exchanger seal rim is too long and the plate is thinner,in the process of operating there may be leakage happening.The leakage phenomenon can be divided into two cases of internal or exterior leakage.
A,Exterior leakage of the heat exchanger
This refers to the leakage of inside heat reansfer medium to external space.This leakage phenomenon is easily oberved.The main reason for this leakage is caused by gasket aging,corroded or plate deformation.When this leakage happened,operator should mark immediately on the place of leakage and open the equiment to change washer or plate.
B,Linternal leakage of the heat exchanger
This refers to the two heat transfer mediums inside of the equipment leaked from the high pressure side to the low pressure side due to some technical reasons.The kind of leakage is uneasy to observe.The main reason for such kind of leakage usually is caused by plate perforation,crack and corrosion.The method to discover this kind of leakage is to often test on the low pressure side of the medium to judge from its element-changing value.The following method is for shutting down,and checking of this kind of leakage:
a,Open the heat exchanger plates,remove the dirt on the surface.After drying,the heat exchanger shall be reassembled.Carrying out the water pressure test for about 0.2-0.3Mpa at one side until water-discharging at the other side and then stop the test.Open the heat exchanger;carefully observe the other side of plate not to be tested by water pressure,if there ws a wet plate,then it was cracked or had some holes inside of it.
b,At the site,either the transmittande or dyeing inspection method can be used to find out used sheet
The used plate and used gasket after being checked out must be replaced and reassembled before applying.

3,Dislocation of the heat exchanger plate
As for plate type heat exchanger,the changing of huge amount of medium flow and its pressure including multiple pass combination,long-term operation etc,easily caused plate dislocation phenomenon.After this happened,sometimes the leakge appears very quickly but even the leakage does not happened immediately,it also is a hidden troble,therefore it must be timely treated.
The main reasons for dislocation include the heat exchanger plate deformation,the sealing gaskets of plate heat exchanger slide off the gasket groove.Dealing with this kind of dislocation,operator should immediately change the deformed plate or the sliding off gasket groove.

4,Easy ways to deal with the heat exchanger when lacking of maintenace equipment on the scene
In the process of use of the heat exchanger,no matter the sheet deformation,crack,perforation,or gasket aging,fracture happened,it should be changed immediately.In case there was no enough spare parts,in the site,as well as the heat transfer equipment has no more alternative part even the machine cannot stop,operator should carry out simple treatment on site,
The method of simple treatment on site is to extract the damage plate or the leaked plate in pairs(plate A +plate B),If the plate number is not large,the reducing number of flowing channel then is also not too much,it can be ressembled for continue operating,which will not produce bigger influence on production ad well.


Model Processing(H) Pump power Inlet diameter Dimensions
YF-II-10T 10T 3kw DN50 5000*850*1600
YF-II-15T 15T 4kw DN50 5500*1300*1600
YF-II-20T 20T 4kw DN65 5500*1300*1600
YF-II-30T 30T 5.5kw DN80 5700*1450*1750
YF-II-50T 50T 11kw DN80 7100*1450*1750
YF-II-80T 80T 15kw DN100 7700*1700*2700
YF-II-100T 100T 18.5kw DN100 7700*1700*2800
YF-II-150T 150T 22kw DN150 7700*2000*3000
YF-II-250T 250T 27kw DN200 7700*2200*3300
YF-II-300T 300T 45kw DN200 7700*2200*3900

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